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Why a behavioural interventions agency?

In 2012 Rory Sutherland, the Vice-Chairman of the Ogilvy Group UK and then President of the IPA, recognised that traditional advertising agencies were well placed to help solve client challenges in new and creative ways, but that they were not leveraging psychological insight that comes from the behavioural sciences.

Ogilvy Change is a dedicated behavioural interventions agency that was founded to develop and execute behavioural strategies across multiple disciplines. Our dedicated team of Behavioural Strategists apply the latest academic thinking in social psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and behavioural economics to a variety of problems.

Our foundation in cognitive and behavioural science-led research, along with our strength in lateral and design-led creative problem-solving allows us to work on a variety of projects with clients in the private, public and 3rd sector. Our projects range from psychologically optimising call centres, creating behavioural nutrition TV programmes in Mexico, to inventing solutions to improve hand washing hygiene in South American factories.



A sample of some of our real-world behaviour change projects which range from behaviourally optimising school attendance to tackling contaminated recycling. 



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