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Rory Sutherland

Founder of Ogilvy Change & Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather

Although they don't have much else in common, marketers seem to have made the same mistake as neo-classical economists. They have become so preoccupied with a model of "how people should decide" that they have completely neglected to ask the question how do people actually decide.

At Ogilvy Change we combine an understanding of behavioural science with creative and lateral thinking to influence minds, change behaviour and shape our world. Are you ready to unlock the psychological power within? 

Mark Lainas

MD of Ogilvy Change

You may have a behavioural change project in mind - perhaps there is a tricky human problem close to your heart or you have an environment or piece of communication that you want to behaviourally optimise for sales, customer loyalty or any other number of goals. From campaigns to causes to coupons and call centres if it involves humans we are very confident that we can "innervate" for you. In short, if you want to be more creative with the power of psychology please do email me to arrange your free consultation.

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