How can we use out-of-home media to get the people of Leeds to try eating crickets?

Our food choices are having a devastating impact on our waistlines and the environment.

Insects may be the answer – they are a rich in protein, low in fat and highly sustainable. However, they are currently not very popular or appealing to our Western palate.

Grub set us the challenge of getting the people of Leeds to try their tasty cricket snacks using out-of-home media.


We partnered with Kinetic in order to test out a series of behaviourally-informed posters in Trinity Leeds shopping centre.

The behavioural executions applied the Scarcity effect, Messenger and Descriptive Norms, alongside a range of other behavioural principles.


Compared to the standardised ‘rational’ control poster, our ‘Norming’ poster increased taste-trials by 87% and our Scarcity-based poster increased trials by over 120%