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How can we increase daily physical activity in children under 10 during their summer holiday?

In 2014 Public Health England launched their 10 Minute Shake-up campaign aimed at encouraging children under 10 to be active every day during over the 6 week summer holiday.

Our challenge was to enhance the 10 Minute Shake-up campaign and make the 2015 version even more effective than the year before: to get kids doing at least two bouts of activity every day, and make a habit of doing so.


We embedded a myriad of behavioural principles into the online and offline CRM journey to ensure kids and their parents wanted to get and stay involved.

For example, the Goal Gradient Effect was used to give children a sense of reward and progress, keeping them motivated. When children logged activity on the campaign website, they received a badge and their next badge started to appear.

Exclusivity and salient rewards were used to encourage kids to do more than just the minimum amount of activity: logging additional activity unlocked special content from a Disney character.


By behaviourally optimising the 10 minute shake-up CRM programme, we helped drive and sustain 750,000+ activity logs over the 6 week period.

DMA - Winner - Silver 2015