How can we help tackle the problem of child obesity in Mexico?

Mexico now has the most obese population of the entire world. Experts say because of the epidemic their children would be the first generation live a shorter life than their parents. 

Our challenge was to change the habits of Mexican children.


Seeing that the behaviours we sought to change we’re embedded in both the culture as well as the habits of Mexican people we created behavioural interventions at the national level such as our reality TV show Hermosa Esperanza, as well as at the kitchen level with our 18 behaviourally designed kitchen products.


United for healthier kids became a huge hit. Millions of Mexicans families, celebrities, news outlets, popstars, even Mexico’s secretary of health joined the movement. Hermosa Esperanza draw in over 30 million viewers and was even nominated for best show in Mexico’s most important TV awards.

3 million people participated in the online platform, twice as many as Michelle Obamas Lets Move initiative, but more importantly we ignited a movement that will help a whole generation of Mexican parents and children to adopt healthier behaviours for years to come.