Our Team

We create unseen opportunities. Our behavioural interventions are built on a foundation of behavioural science, executed with creative thinking and developed with real world iteration. Working in partnership with agency and client teams, we find new and interesting ways to ‘nudge’ people to make better decisions in their daily lives. 


The Leadership Team


Rory sutherland

Founder of Ogilvy Change.  

Rory established Ogilvy Change in 2012 whilst president of the IPA. Rory recognised that although traditional advertising agencies were well placed to help solve client challenges in new and creative ways, they were not leveraging the psychological insights from the behavioural sciences. 

Rory believes with a better understanding of true human motivation combined with a more imaginative and creative approach to testing and experimentation, we can change behavioural and shape our world in line with what we really are - rather than having our humanity repeatable shoehorned into the frame of a narrow and outdated theory. 


Mark lainas

Managing Director of Ogilvy Change.

Mark is the worldwide Managing Director of Ogilvy Change and Ogilvy & Mather’s Chief Innovation Officer. He joined Ogilvy in 2012, and his background in business development and innovation stood him in excellent stead to accelerate the growth and leadership of the group over the next 5 years. 

Mark’s passion for behavioural science comes from the delight he took from watching it stimulate lateral and ingenious solutions to challenges, and uncover previously unseen opportunities. He is particularly proud of Ogilvy Change using the power of reframing to change consumer choice. 

The Team

We are a team of trained psychologists, strategists and account managers who work together to develop the best in class behavioural solutions to a diverse range of problems.  


Our Global Team

Ogilvy Change is an international business with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France and South Africa.